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Genus Jewels is an on-line jewelry store that specialized in find sterling jewelry.   We take pride in personally hand-picked jewelry collections selected from reputable and reliable New York and Texas based suppliers.  We are especially fond of picking out pieces with gemstones and colored diamonds.  We are also one of the few stores that offer a certified Roman Glass jewelry line.

Genus Jewels was born in 2006 as an apartment-based on-line retail store in Little Rock, Arkansas, under the name genuscloset06 on Ebay. We sold various items ranging from clothing, shoes, perfume, and accessories among others. Operations lay low to attend to the demands of life and parenting. This store reopened under the same name in May of 2014, in Ontario.  Shortly, its jewelry store counter-part opened with a focus on estate and vintage jewelry. In January 2015, it changed its name to Genus Jewels to embody its now narrower, albeit, more focused product line. In July 2015, Genus Jewels, launched its own website and now specializes in fine sterling jewelry – that offers unique gemstones and colored diamonds set in sterling silver.

The vision of Genus Jewels is to grow its pool of educated clients based on a fair and reliable reputation. This pool of clients will enable the store to contribute to charitable causes, including the hiring of economically challenged sectors of society and providing opportunities for dedicated workers. Moreover, we wish to become a success in good customer-relations so others will be inspired to run a business based on our core values of fairness and reliability.

Jewel – commonly known as a piece of valuable accessory. Genus Jewels define “jewel” as an object that one considers precious Jewelist:

  1. a person who cultivates, maintains or encourages one’s desire for jewels
  2. a person who sees how a jewel complements one’s persona
  3. a person whose job is to present jewelry of any kind in a stylish and attractive way in photographs or films
  4. a person able to bring out the jewel out of ordinary things
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